Entering ELCGA County Handicap Meetings

Entries are limited to such numbers that the host Club can accommodate.  The competition will be a single round of stableford play.

Entries are made on-line go to Up Coming Competitions on the Home Page .  You can enter in individually or in groups of two or three, groups can be from different clubs,  single entrants   will made up into groups of three. Players will be required to provide their CDH number on entry.

The entry fee included Green Fees, Meals, Prizes and incidentals.
Starting times will appear on the County website and and link will be emailed entrants.

After the closing date, should a player have an increase or reduction in her handicap index and this takes her out of the entered handicap division she will not be eligible to play in the competition unless such change is within 10 days of the meeting.

Start sheets will be available on-line and will be emailed to entrants.

CANCELLATIONS: In the event that a player wishes to cancel, she must give 30 days clear notice to the organiser, by text, email or telephone and a refund will be given in full. In the event of notice to cancel being given by a player within 10 days of the meeting, a refund in full will only be granted if a replacement player can be found.

The Open Meeting Organiser is Marina McDonald