The Seniors Team:

  • Plays matches against two of the East Region counties each season, Herts & Norfolk. Each team fields 7 players, the format is singles scratch match‐play at alternating home or away venues. 
  • Participates in the Mulligan Larsen Bowl which runs as a league each season, 2021 is the 6th season for this competition.  We play senior teams from Surrey, Sussex, Kent and Mddx.  Each team fields 6 players,  the format is singles scratch matchplay also at alternating home or away venues.  The 6 individual matches make up the overal match results,  a loss or draw (<3-3) gains 0 points, we must finish (4-2) or better to get our overall point. We have 4 opportunities to get an overall  match/league point, 1 or 0 for each team match. So, ideally 4 overall wins in the season will win the league and the bowl .
  •  A team of four players is selected to compete in the Inter‐Counties Team Championship (10 counties). The format is singles medal play off scratch with the best three scores counting. 

 We are always on the look out for new players! So if you, or anyone you know are over 50 with a HI +-9.4 and might be interested in playing with us then please email Julie Finegan the Seniors Team Captain for further information.