The ELCGA run many competitions for players who are full or associate members of affiliated clubs.  Before entering any competition, please see the ELCGA Rules 2023 1.2 and 1.3 for eligibility details.


The ELCGA run four KOs competitions for players who are members of affiliated clubs and no player may represent more than one club during the course of the competition.  

There are three individual competitions with the  handicap index categories 

 + = 15.4 (Gold) 15.5-21.4 (Silver) and 21.5 -36.4 (Bronze).    

There is a HiLo Foursomes competition NB HI catergories have changed for this competition .  Players must be aged over 18 on the 1st January in the current competition year.  Players must be from the same club and the handicap index categories are:

  • Low handicap index player -  + - 18.4
  • High handicap index player -    29.4 - 45.4

Each competition is limited to 64 players/pairs.  Each round is drawn and in the first round the player at the top of the draw gets home advantage.  In subsequent rounds home and away will be drawn. However a player will have no more than two consecutive home draws.  Matches are played over 18 holes with full handicap difference (HiLo - 1/2 difference between aggregate handicaps of each side).  Quarter and Semi Finals are played on neutral courses.  

Entry for these KOs is made on-line and a WHS Membership ID (CDH ) must be provided on sign-up.  These competitions are very popular and early entry is recommended to be sure of a place.  

Each round is drawn. Quater and Semi‐finals held on neutral courses to be advised by County KO Organiser

All the finals are played on the same day usually in October.  Please check the  Diary for Finals Day before you enter the competition. 


The ELCGA holds three 18 hole Handicap Meetings each year, with  individual prizes as well as aggregate prizes. Entry for these competitions is made on-line and you will need your WHS Membership ID (CDH) to sign-up.  

  • Bronze Handicap Meeting: Handicap index 20.5 to 36.4. Individual Stableford. The Romford Bowl is played for .
  • Silver Handicap Meeting: Handicap index + to 20.4. Individual Strokeplay. The Raphael Bowl, Barber Salver and the Aggregate Shield are played for.
  • Seniors’ Handicap Meeting: (60+ years at date of competition) Individual Stapleford.  Ladies in Senior Category C or D may use a buggy if they wish.

There will be separate prizes for home and away playaers.  However, the overall winner will be the player with the best score. 

Please see the Diary for this year's dates and venues.


The ELCGA runs three KO competitions for junior girls.  The Logan Trophy, The Hitchcock Trophy and the Hunter Foursomes. Entry for these competitions is made on line and the player's Membership Number (CDH) must be provided on sign-up. NB; caddies are not allowed for any Junior competition. 

  • Logan Trophy –  Open to Junior Girls (under 18 on 1st January of the current year).  Singles Matchplay Knockout, full HI allowance with a maximum Handicap index  of 17.5.
  • Hitchcock Trophy – Open to Juniors Girls (under 18 on 1st January of the current year). Singles Matcplay Knoutout, full HI allowance. For girls with an HI between 18.5 and 36.4
  • Hunter Foursomes – Pairs consist of a lady and a junior girl  from the same club.
    Handicap index  limits:    Ladies maximum of 23.5 Juniors maximum of 36.4
    Age limits: Ladies aged 25 or over, Junior under 18 on 1st January of the current year. 
    Foursomes matchplay k nockout, played off handicap - 1/2 difference between aggregate handicaps of each side

Each round is drawn. Quater and Semi‐finals held on neutral courses to be advised by County KO Organiser

All the finals are played on the same day usually in October.  Please check the  Diary for Finals Day before you enter the competition. 


Three 18‐hole strokeplay meetings for girls who are under 18 on 1 January of the current year.
One stroke‐play meeting for girls with handicap index over 29.5 which is played inconjunction with the Girls’ Championships.
Scratch and handicap prizes.
Meal included in entry fee.


Essex Ladies' County Championship

Played off scratch and open to Handicap indexes 18.4 and below. There is an initial 36‐hole qualifying stage with the best 16 going forward to the KO out stage.

Senior Ladies' County Championship

Played off scratch, players must be 50+ years at date of entry. There is a 18‐hole qualifying round, depending on numbers the best 16 or 8 to qualify for matchplay stage.

Junior County Championships

Junior Girls must be under 18 or under 15 on the 1st January of the current year.

There is 36 hole scratch stroke-play Championship for girls under 18 and under 15 with maximum handicap index  of 29.4.  There is scratch and handicap prize.  Girls with handicap indexes 29.5-36.4 can take part in a 18 hole Stableford Competition.  

Entry for these competitions is  made on-line and the player's WHS Membership ID (CDH) must be provided on sign-up.


The ELCGA run four Inter-Club team competitions.  The Silver Shield, The Silver Trophy, The Bronze Shield, and The Harris Bowl.  Entry forms are sent to clubs in July for the following year's competition.

Initially teams play in a  league with the winners going through to a knock-out stage.

The draw for leagues takes place at the Delegates' meeting each September.  


No player shall represent more than one club in any competition.

Silver Shield

Silver Trophy
  • No limit to number of teams
  • Teams of 5 players.  No handicap index restrictions
  • Played off scratch
  • Drawn Leagues
  • Home and Away Matches 
  • One team per club
  • Team of 5 players - Handicap index of  9.5+
  • Played off scratch
  • Drawn League
  • Home or Away Matches 
Bronze Shield Harris Bowl
  • One team per club
  • Teams of 5 players - Handicap index 18.5+
  • Played off scratch
  • Drawn League
  • Home or Away Matches
  • One team per club
  • Team of 5 players - Handicap index + - 36.4
  • Players with a HI above 36.4 may play, but must play off 36.4
  • Drawn League
  • Home or Away Matches


In addition to the Team Competitions the ELCGA run an Inter-Club Foursomes Competition - The Munro Foursomes.  The Munro Foursomes Trophy was presented to the ELCGA by Mrs Olive Munro in 1950 when she was County Champion.

The Munro is a KO foursomes competition played off scratch.  One entry per club. The two players may be changed at any time during the competition.

The preliminary rounds are played on fixed dates over 18 holes on neutral courses. The Final is played over 36 holes also on neutral course. 

Entry forms for the Munro Foursomes are sent to clubs in July for the following year's competition. Click here for more information including the dates for each round. 


The Windfall Final is an Individual 18-hole Stableford held at a course nominated by the ELCGA Competition Organiser.

Each Affiliated Club plays a qualifying competition, 18 holes individual Stableford and the winner of that competition will go forward to represent the Club in the Windfall Trophy Final.

Only one player from each Club can be represented in the Final.

If the winner of the Club competition is unable to compete in the final then the player with the next best score, who is available, can go forward.

Entries must be submitted by 1st SEPTEMBER in the current year.  (  Click here  for entry details)

The Windfall Trophy was first played for in 2000 when it was won by Maggie Pattison from Boyce Hill.  

As its name suggests The Windfall Trophy came about as a result of a ‘windfall’ which the ELCGA received from The Halifax Building back in the late 1990s when some building societies were re-inventing themselves into banks.   The windfall was substantial, and it was decided that a trophy should be commissioned and played for by the members of the ELCGA.  A local silversmith created a very beautiful water jug that comes with its own wooden box. The silversmith was very keen that it should be used for its original purpose and not just sit on a shelf to be admired as he was of the view that the odd dent here or there would show that it WAS used and enjoyed.


First Team

The First Team is selected following the Ladies’ County Championship and then participates in the East Region Inter‐County Match Days playing each of the other five counties over three days, usually in June. The format of each match is two foursomes and three singles against each county, all played off scratch.

The other East Region Counties are Bedfordshire, Cambs & Hunts, Hertfordshire, Norfolk and Suffolk.

If Essex win the East Region Inter‐County Match Days event, they progress to the England County Finals and will play the winners of the five other England regions during the course of three days, which is usually in September. The format of each match is the same as that of the East Region Inter‐County Match Days all played off scratch. 

Second Team

The Second Team participates in a two-day Trophy Event against 4 other East Region Counties. The format of each match is three singles and two foursomes against each county, all played off scratch.

Senior Team

The Seniors Team plays matches against two of the East Region counties each season, Herts & Norfolk. Each team fields 7 players, the format is singles scratch match‐play at alternating home or away venues. 

They are also a member of the Mulligan Larsen Bowl league which includes teams from Surrey, Sussex, Kent and Middlesex.  Each team fields 6 players, the format is singles scratch match-play also at alternating home or away venues.  

The league points are calculated 1 for a win, ½ for a draw and 0 for a loss. The winning team is the County with the most points.

 A team of four players is selected to compete in the Inter‐Counties Team Championship (10 counties). The format is singles medal play off scratch with the best three scores counting. 

Junior Team

The Junior Team plays a three-day event against the other East Region Counties at Junior County Match Days during August. The format is 6 singles against each county. The team must go out in handicap order, and this is played off scratch.

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