sILVER sHIELD Event Venue

Final - Sunday 29th September 2024


Organiser: Sally Newman-Russell - click here to email Sally

Silver Trophy Event Venue

Quarter Finals - Sunday 21st July 2024
Semi- Finals - Sunday 11th August 2024
Finals - Sunday 15th September 2024


Organiser: Sally Newman-Russell -  click here  to email Sally

bronze shield event                                       venuE

Quarter Finals - Monday 8th July 2024
Semi-Finals - Sunday 28th July 2024
Finals - Thursday 15th August 2024


Organiser: Kate Moss - click here to email Kate

harris bowl event                              venuE

Quarter Finals - Thursday 29th August 2024
Semi-Finals - Thursday 12th September 2024
Finals - Sunday 13th October 2024

Organiser: Sonja Strutt - click here to email Sonja