Takes place at the County Delegates Meeting in November and will be posted on the ELCGA website as soon as possible afterwards. . 


Matches are played on neutral courses.  All participaiting Clubs are expected to make its course available for each round of the competition.  If your course, for any reason, cannot be used in a particular round, please advise the organiser as soon as possible.


Dates of rounds are fixed before the draw is made.  All matches must be played on these dates. 

Round 1 Sunday April 16 2023
Round 2 Sunday May 21 2023
Round 3 Sunday June 11 2023
Round 4 Sunday July 9 2023
Semi Final Sunday August 20 2023
Final  Sunday September 17 2023


Once you have checked the draw, If your course is required as a match venue please make sure that tee time{s} are booked well in advance.   If for any reason your course is unavailable for that date or becomes unavailable you must contact the Munro Organiser as soon as possible so another course can be allocated. 

The Munro Organiser of the host club should contact the Organiser of the competing clubs, to arrange the time of play, please take into consideration travelling times of the visiting clubs. They should also advise visiting teams of any dress rules, trolley bans etc. 

If the Organiser of the host club cannot be present themselves they should appoint a deputy to welcome players and caddies.;   show them to lockers rooms, advise of any local rules etc. 

Visiting teams will be responsible for the costs of any refreshments they may require before or after the match. 


Two players, not necessarily the same in each round, represent each club (a player may only represent one club in that year). Matches are 18 holes, played off scratch, with sudden death if the match is all square at the 18th. When two matches are taking place at a venue, the first match is that which is higher up the draw sheet. The honour on the tee goes to the club at the top of the draw. If the first match is playing slower than the one behind, they should offer to call them through.


The match result must be submitted using the Results form as soon a possible on the day of the match.  This is very important to allow the County Organiser time to allocate the host clubs for the next round. 

 Once the host clubs have been allocated the Munro Organsier will circulate the details and post the draw on the websise. 


The final is played over 36 holes, with sudden death if all square at the end of 36 holes.


A referee will oversee the final.


Buggies are not permitted unless sanctioned by the County Association and the host club (see  Transportation Policy ).  For further information please see Rules and Conditions of Play

County Munro Foursomes Organiser is Lesley Hitchcock  click here  to email Lesley