This guide has been put together using information gained from the questionnaires sent out to all clubs in August 2023 and from the discussions which took place at the ELCGA Women in Golf Forum held in September 2023 at Crondon Park Golf Club. 

The ideas presented in this guide are not exhaustive and I would encourage any club which has successfully tried a different approach to let me know so it can be added to our guide.  Sharing knowledge around the county is one of our key aims.

If you are reading this guide then I assume that at least the ladies’ section at your club is keen to recruit new members, but how about the committee/proprietor and the club pro?  Undoubtedly a club whose committee/proprietor and club pro are onside has a huge advantage, but some of the following ideas can still be implemented without their input.

Do let me know how you get on!

Kate Moss - ELCGA WIG Charter Champion
email:   mobile: 07811 112101 

So how can you encourage more women and girls to play golf and join your club? 

STEP 1 – Put together a Programme

Think about the type of members you wish to attract and tailor you programme accordingly.  Do you have maybe one or two juniors and would like to attract more?  Do you want to put together a beginner’s programme?  Would you like to attract existing golfers?  

England Golf have a number of excellent tailor-made programmes which you can use on their own or as part of a wider scheme:-

Put together a programme that is relevant for your club and tailored to your aims.  (See below for sample programme for a club which has the full commitment of the committee/proprietor and the Club Pro).  Don't forget your England Golf Support Officer Helen Tarttelin who is always there to provide you with practical advice and support. 

STEP 2 – Advertise

  • Use your Club website and social media pages.
  • Use any Community social media pages in your area.
  • Put flyers and/or posters in local gyms/tennis clubs/hockey clubs/local shops etc.
  • Send details to Essex Ladies Golf to advertise on the website. 
  • Good Old-fashioned Word of Mouth.
  • For Juniors; approach local schools.
  • Don’t forget the England Golf iGolf programme.   Over 7,000 iGolfers so far have gone on to join golf clubs and you can advertise your programme on the EG website.

STEP 3 – Choose a Launch Date and GO!!

Sample Programme

1.  Taster Session/Day

In collaboration with your Club Pro put together a timetable for a Taster Session/Day and schedule some dates in the diary.  These sessions could follow one of the England Golf programmes or you could include one or more of these to make a Taster Day which might include:-

  • Morning introductory coaching session on the practice ground/range.
  • Lunch with pro and members.
  • Play a couple of holes on the course in the afternoon with existing members.  This could be a fun team or pairs Texas Scramble if total beginners are involved with one or more beginner paired with a member.

A couple of things to remember:-

  • As we all know, the social side of our sport is so important so encourage existing members of your section to be involved.
  • If you have total beginners coming along, you will need to provide clubs!

2.  Group Coaching

Following on from the Taster Sessions/Days there should be a package of weekly group coaching sessions ready to start, preferably a weekend day and weekday evening options.  This package could be of a fixed length or preferably open-ended.  Not everyone learns at the same rate and some may be ready for 9 or 18 holes quicker than others. 

Don’t forget the social side!  Arrange for existing members to attend the odd coaching session and offer to take participants out on the course when they feel ready. 

3.  Taster Membership

This could be a 3 – 6 months membership at a reduced rate and with reduced access to the course but importantly can be taken up when the individual is ready (within a reasonable maximum time frame).

Again, try to have existing members available to play with your new Taster Members and cement those relationships, then when they are ready to take the next step, they feel they are joining a group of friends rather than a group of strangers.  For more information on how to make members feel welcome, see England Golf Buddy Programme.

4.  Full Membership
Your ultimate goal!!

If you need help or advice please do contact me  -  Kate Moss  -  ELCGA WIG Charter Champion!  email:   mobile: 07811 112101