I don't have a Smart Phone Essex County Cards will only be available digitally from 2021. 
I don't know my CDH Number If you use the igMember App you will find your CDH No. under Handicap Record.  Otherwise contact your Golf Club who will be able to tell you.
The County Card on my device is showing expired You will need to delete the IGCounty App on your device and reinstall it.  Once you have deleted the App restart your phone before you reinstall the App
When I clicked the button to activiate my card I got the message 'Cannot find Home Club' E mail info@essexladiesgolf.org  providing the name of your gofl club.
The App is not working properly on my device Refresh the App.  If the App is still not working delete it and reinstall.
The Add to Wallet feature is not working This is a bug in the App.  It has been reported to the developer so it can be fixed.