USE OF BUGGIES in Championship Meetings, Handicap Meetings (excluding women in Senior Category C & D who may use a buggy if they wish), Silver Shield, Silver Trophy, Bronze Shield, Harris Bowl, Munro Foursomes, County Knockouts and Junior Girls' Competitions

If, due to a registered long-term medical condition, a golfer or caddy is unable to play the game of golf without the use of a buggy, she may apply annually to the County Secretary, through her Ladies’ Secretary, for this to be recorded.  A letter from her doctor should accompany the initial application.  The ELCGA’s Transportation Policy follows that of England Golf in this respect.  It should be noted that, even if registered, she would not be permitted to play at clubs where buggies are not allowed.  Captains and supporters use of buggies during the above competitions must be in accordance with ELCGA guidelines.

For further details on Use of Buggies please see the ELCGA  Transportation Policy .