These Guidelines should be read in conjunction with the  ELCGA Rules & Conditions of Play

A Club that qualifies for Quarter or Semi Finals is expected to make its course available for other matches in those or later rounds. Home Captains should book these dates provisionally in their club calendar.  Any lack of availability must be notified to the Competition Organiser as soon as possible.


 Players must be Full or Associate Members of the Association, and a paid-up member of their Club by the date of their match.  The Management Committee reserves the right to exclude Clubs or individuals that have not paid their England Golf Affiliation Fees.  


Home Captains are responsible for arranging the match dates. A minimum of three dates must be offered and this may mean using your Ladies Day.  In order to accommodate clubs requiring either weekend or midweek dates, at least one weekend date and one midweek date must be included in the dates offered. To avoid problems at a later date, it is suggested that once the dates have been agreed the Home Captain confirms this in writing/email to the respective Away Captain.

Team Captains must notify the relevant Organiser as soon as the league match dates have been agreed. No match dates may be altered after 1st April except under Rule 2(u) or unless the Competition Organiser has agreed to a change due to exceptional circumstances.


Clubs with more than 18 holes should make it clear which holes will be used when arranging matches. These clubs are required to use the same 18 holes for all home league matches.


 At least one week before the match, the host Team Captain should contact the visiting Team Captain to confirm numbers and requirements  regarding refreshments, together with the tee times.

Clubs should take into consideration the distance the opposing team is travelling when offering tee times.  Depending on the time of the matches and the distance to be travelled, some teams may prefer to have light refreshments before the match rather than afterwards. It has been a tradition that the visiting Team Captain and her team are guests of the host club but this is entirely a matter for individual clubs to decide and communicate.


 Any rules regarding dress code (e.g. shorts) must be notified at this stage. Local rules (e.g. ground under repair, use of trolleys, etc.) even if only temporary must be made clear to the visiting team and if temporary greens or tees are in use, approximate yardages should be given for the holes affected.


Please refer to the Rules and Conditions of Play section 2. Inter‐Club Competition Rules and Use of Buggies


May not be requested at any time.


Please refer to Rules and Conditions of Play Rule 2(u). The Team Captains must inform the relevant Competition Organiser immediately in such cases. The Organiser’s decision will be final in exceptional circumstances.